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Stew Cohen - Voice Over and Master of Ceremony Services

Voice Over, Emcee and Master of Ceremony Services for corporations, academia, production agencies and nonprofits.

Stew Cohen is an exceptional professional voice talent who has mastered the art and science of presenting information, entertainment and knowledge.

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Trustworthy, Warm, Authoritative

Forty-five years of voicing news and interview programs has given Stew Cohen a proven skill and a voice that commands attention. Attention to enforce the message on your next radio spot, television commercial, documentary, promotional video, corporation training film, and special event.

Morning news, elections results, emergency information, special programs and interviews with people of importance are the basis for Stew’s talent. A talent he has honed over five decades by constantly seeking excellence in his reporting and delivery. Stew has crafted scripts, copy, interview questions, and reports with tight deadlines, and challenging environments.

Voice by Stew goes beyond the crisp articulation and bold baritone, Stew is recognized for a voice that stays in the memory:

“Like a red wine, the voice has a depth of velvety overtone with splashes of warmth and trust.”

Voice Over Samples



Radio Commercials, Television Commercials & Imaging

Bold baritone with warmth and inflection to suit the message, Stew delivers the precise tone, topic and tempo for commercials and promotions.

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Documentaries & Video Voice Over

In addition to 45-years of radio reporting, award-winning radio documentaries and radio features are part of ongoing voice talent services provided by Stew.

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Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)

Stew has extensive experience in serving as the lead announcer at events. Organizations benefit from a professional at the podium to keep the event on task throughout the agenda.

YouTube Videos, The Voice of God, Movie Trailers

From deep vocal delivery for scary plots, to fast-paced delivery for high energy trailers, Stew has a spectrum of voice ability to share on movie trailers and promotions.

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Voice by Stew offers a breadth and depth of voice talent honed over a 45-year career in broadcast radio.

Stew Cohen can voice and lead a vast assortment of voice projects, including:

Corporate Interviews, Education & Training, Speeches, Political Messages, Children’s Stories, Voice Mail Greetings



Articulate | Energetic | Affordable

Call Voice by Stew and experience his bold baritone to learn more about his talents, experience and ability to voice your project!


9:00am – 5:00pm

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